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Our Story

We are loving every minute of the journey and would love you to be a part of it with us!

An Idea is Born

Hi and thank you for visiting our Web Page. I'm Christine Walsh, and I was born in Colac. I undertook my initial training as a Conveyancer as a Junior and then Senior Conveyancer in a Law Firm in Horsham. During this time I completed a Diploma and then an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing and finally to complete my journey - I undertook my studies to become a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives. My husband Paul and I then decided to move back to my home town in Colac - to realise my dream of opening my own Conveyancing Business. I liked the idea of being closer to my family and friends - who mostly live in the Colac and District area. Conveyancing in Colac continues to be dynamic and has held firm throughout the recent years when Covid tested us all. At Prudential Conveyancing Services - we stand optimistic for a bright future for Colac and District and the housing market in general and we remind ourselves that although it has been tough times for some - we are sure that brighter days lay ahead.   

We are passionate about Conveyancing and would love to be an integral part of your conveyancing journey too!

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Our Wonderful Clients

Every now and then - our wonderful clients show their appreciation for the work we have undertaken for them and surprise us with a lovely floral offering. 

Frank and Marlene Barber -

after the sale of their investment property in a Melbourne Suburb say: 

"Thank you for your wonderful services"

Many Happy Clients!

Since opening the doors to  Prudential Conveyancing Services in March 2017 we have assisted many satisfied clients to own or sell their properties with an increasing  number of happy repeat clients - coming back to use our services again. We'd love to help you when next you buy , sell, transfer property, farming sales or purchases, selling or buying a Business and last but not least - Subdivisions and Consolidation.  


Anything to do with land transactions - anywhere in Victoria.

You won't regret your choice. 


Why Us?

How exciting it is for us to be a part of the Real Estate industry in such a vibrant and robust market.

We offer you a professional service where your satisfaction is high on our agenda. We use all the latest programs and offer you security during the process.

We have the optimum professional indemnity insurance to ensure you are covered even when undertaking part in an electronic conveyance process.

Here at Prudential Conveyancing Services we find communication is key to our continued success and to having satisfied clients.

Christine can answer any questions you may have regarding your conveyancing queries and will keep you informed along the way.

Let Prudential Conveyancing help take you through the important steps in buying or selling your home, vacant land or farming land. Christine will help you to make this an easy experience - regardless of whether this is your first time or your a seasoned buyer and seller. Prudential Conveyancing will walk you through the steps with ease and a personal touch.

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